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Oski Bravo

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Oski Bravo came together in late 2015 with a simple goal, make some great tunes and wring every last ounce of effort from each other.

The Dublin five piece started with Donnchadh Egan who rounded up the troups with his beautifully crafted collection of songs with a veiw to getting this show on the road. First up was Keith Cooke, drumming pretty much anything you needed giving a solid foundation for the genre hopping sounds that we delved into. Next up Fiachra Robinson added some beautiful complexity and harmonic sophistication with his cello and musical acumen. John Crowther joined dusting off his guitar collection and rounding out our sonic exploits and finally Ken Murphy hitched a ride with his solid bassiness!

In early 2016 we recorded our debut eponymous EP with Liam Mulvaney and released it on 1st October in the Odessa Club, Dublin.

All of the tracks were well received and received both Dublin and National airplay.

In 2017 we returned to the studio, this time in RedLake Studios, to record our second EP, Silent Movies Man. This is due to be launched on 27 May in Stage 19, Francis Street, D8.

We will also be playing at a number of Summer Festivals, including Bloom in the Park, You Bloom, The Secret Village and Art Beat.

We look forward to seeing you at a venue soon!

Cold - new single

Welcome Home

Cracked but Intact

Debut EP Oski Bravo

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